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Midway Pro Bowl to Stay with Soccer Stadium and Midway Shopping Center Redevelopment


There's been questions about what the status is regarding the regarding the Soccer Stadium and its effect on Midway Pro Bowl. The status: WE ARE STAYING!! The stadium will be built in the fenced in area behind the Center and the owners of the soccer team will not own or operate Midway Shopping Center. The Midway Shopping Center owners are making MAJOR CHANGES to the Center property over a long period of time and with those changes, our landlord has told us that they (along with the Soccer ownership) want Midway Pro Bowl to STAY right where we are for many years to come. The changes are exciting!! The current center is around 350,000 sq ft of retail and when the renovation is complete it will be over 1 million sq ft of retail, office and residential space!! We thank you for your patronage & look forward to serving you for many years to come!!


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